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Completing an estate

Budeasa, jud. Argeș, România
Author: Adonis Mihai LEMNARU
Collaborators: îndrumător dr. arh. Cosmin Daniel PAVEL
îndrumător structură ing. Mădălin COMAN

Authors’ Comment

What does the estate really mean? Can this concept of estate still be considered obtainable in our days? How can the remembrance of it be kept alive? Can we talk about a continuity regarding it? These are only a few of the questions that the project was born on and to which we’ll receive answers only after an attentive and leisurely research of the place and people.
The project is meant to build an estate by dividing its functions in 3 different, but compatible zones: the first, it’s represented by the agricultural component (a small farm, culture of lavender, saffron and truffles and snail farming). All these gestures were influenced by the actual spread of the estate that is pretty restricted after the retrocession. The next component refers to life in the countryside: the retreat and the leisure that come with the rupture from the so very present “turmoil” (the alert rhythm) of the city. It also opens the door to the discovery of a place tightly related to tradition and community, represented by the “honor” part of the estate – the manor house and the church. The third zone, the component of art, it’s meant to host possible meetings, creative camps for painters/sculptors, being a way in which the estate gathers people and keeps them close to it.