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Biodiversity Research Campus

Galati, jud. Galaţi, România
Author: Dragos Andrei PUSCASU
Collaborators: Lect. Dr. Arh. Ionut Anton

Authors’ Comment

Judging the context of the site, located at the confluence of Danube and Siret rivers, at the limit between Galati city and the area proposed for the urban system Galati-Braila, but mostly in the proximity of the Danube Delta at an international level, the concept focuses towards the necesity of conserving the natural heritage and the activation of the existing urban fabric.
The architectural proposal consists in revitalising the south half of the Danube seafront by creating dynamic public spaces, with the main purpose in storing and researching the collected data from the Danube Delta.
Beveled on various directions, the volume highlights the public spaces and the fluid circulation interior-exterior and is inspired from the water movement geometry to allow greater openings through the fluid dissipation of efforts along with the nodes, and also for sustainability reasons: constructive and psychological.
Considering the near neutralized area, the project proposes a theme park, connected to the ensemble, for continuing and revitalizing the seafront, but also for an active participation at the annealing of the Danube meadow innitiative, with a diorama, restricting public acces and allowing only the visualisation of its evolution in time.