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  • Nomination for the “Diploma Projects” section

Representation space in Bucharest

București, România
Author: Laura-Ioana ONIGA
Tutors: Conf. dr. arh. Florian Stanciu

Authors’ Comment

The representation has its origins in that place that appears as a void inside the dense urban tissue: the public plaza or the street.
The project defines itself in this open space, yet conformed as a room, which seems to have
the essence of an already existing house. The real facade is rather the interior one.
The basement with clearly defined spaces by thick walls that work as a foundation for the pillars in the ground floor which, furthermore, leave the theatre space free of any vertical structure that could interfere in the way one perceives the depth of the building. The trivalence is also repeated in the way one uses those spaces: the basement is the
secret area of the actors, the one that trembles with action, the ground floor is the public dense one, the loud space, the one dedicated to socializing, an urban chamber while the third space is the quiet one, the noble chamber.