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The House of Architecture

București, România
Author: arch. Cătălin Filip
Collaborators: dr. arh. Mihai Duțescu

Authors’ Comment

An institution designed to bring architecture into the public consciousness, which could awaken the desire of a more coherent and better city, is what would bring a small contribution to the improvement of the identity crisis in the contemporary Romanian architecture. A place of dialogue, to exchange of ideas and to enrich the spirit. A public space by excellence that you can either just look at, either cross, either discover. A place that takes shelter in an ambiguous urban fabric and which, although being a presence through its appearance, is not an aggression. A public space born from a gesture of retreat, of backing out, protecting and embracing the void. An agora. A vertical museum of architecture containing small saloons that reveal the Romanian architectural heritage and history where man quietly contemplates art. A storage of Romanian built memory. A protective curve that embraces the free space. A place for exchanging ideas: Museum. Library. Archive. Forum. An almost obsessive recurrence of the square. A timeless image. An emphasize of the structure through which the house tells you how it was made. A maskless architecture. A sincere architecture. The House of Architecture.

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