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The community ensemble - Motru

MOTRU, jud. Gorj, România
Author: Luana-Alexandra IONAȘCU
Collaborators: Îndrumător arhitectură: Lect. Dr. Arh. Radu-Tudor Ponta
Îndrumător structuri: Lect. Dr. Ing. Vlad Petrescu

Authors’ Comment

The intention of my diploma is to find a possible answer to the problem of Motru’s
community, former industrial town, based on the colliery industry. This intention is
owned by the fact that I was born here and I grew up in Motru, and the felling of
belonging to this community that is in decline is the one that my research has its
roots in, both for my diploma exam and for the dissertation, that constituted the
theoretic support of the diploma.
My project is about creating an ensemble formed from a group of modules that are
made from pre-made ensembles that represent manufacturing workshops where
town’s residents can come to requalify and a building destined for families that can’t
afford a place and need a relocation, because the unit they lived in has expired.
The second half of the ground represents the garden of the ensemble, there were
those who take part in the requalification and manufacturing activities can grow fruits
and legumes and they can support themselves, in some way. The idea of the garden comes from the research over the reaction methods at Shrinking Cities, regarding the case of Detroit,
where people have developed a new concept, that of urban agriculture.