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Youth Center in Bacau

Bacău, jud. Bacău, România
Author: arch. Diana Andreea Stegaru
Collaborators: prof. conf. dr. arh. Haytham Zeki

Authors’ Comment

The project relies on the fact that the Youth Centers Program represents an architecture of public interest which can generate social change at the community level. The Youth Center can provide a framework for a good development of youngsters through spaces that could accommodate educational, sporting, cultural and relaxing activities, and it could create new leisure opportunities. Moreover, it can also host different kind of spaces for the community, it can be the place for events and workshops that create and harness the human relationships, having all the prerequisites to become a pole of attraction for as many people as possible, to create positive feelings and to bring them together.
The proposal presents an opportunity to activate and consolidate an area that is used today more as a shortcut and less as a place of relaxation.
Starting from the idea of collaboration, bringing people together, the volume was conceived by the idea of a honeycomb, basically a grid that incorporates closed, semi-open, public or private spaces with a series of interior and exterior courtyards. The volumes are perceived as state places, green mounds or terraces, water mirrors or pergolas, rising 1-2 meters from the ground, so they can integrate into the topography of the park without disturbing, sometimes becoming one with the park.

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