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The Archive and Library of the First Romanian School. Brasov

Brasov, jud. Brașov, România
Author: Anca-Ioana NETCU
Collaborators: Îndr. conf. dr. arh. Florian Stanciu
Ing. Dragos Marcu

Authors’ Comment

The theme emerged as a reaction to the excessive exposure of today's society and the critical position towards the evolution of book institutions.
The library is a world discovered from the inside and doesn't show itself as excessive from the outside.
The Archive is strongly connected with the context, Șchei, the oldest neighborhood of Brașov. This place aims to keep, preserve and gather documents and books of great value which belong to the First Romanian School in Brașov. The school is a key part of the cultural identity of the city and its community.
A compact, but rich palazzetto, is articulating its entrance to the street through a small piazza. Three elements define the project, the palladian plan, the central saloon and the exterior room-the garden, a space for contemplation. The light becomes the most important element of the house, as books need protection. It penetrates through the roof and crosses all spaces vertically, creating a visual connection between floors.
By using elements of the past, the project questions the novelty in today's architecture and emphasizes that old books and documents are delicate objects. Thus, the library finds its spatial rules from itself.