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Music and stage arts academy

Constanța, jud. Constanța, România
Author: Maria Cătălina LEȚA
Collaborators: prof. dr. arh. Dan Marin
ing. Mădălin Coman

Authors’ Comment

The historical nucleus of Constanta is in a functional and social state of decay, partly due to a lack of concern towards cultural activities which could integrate this area with the rest of the city.
The proposal consists of an insertion in large empty plot of the old town, with the purpose of complementing the build environment and revitalizing the surrounding area from an urbanistic, social and economical point of view.
The intervention is based on the idea of introducing a representation space into this historic centrer, together with a private music academy, a programme the city is currently lacking.
The insertion is, therefore, a cultural institution divided into an auditorium and exhibition space area, together with an inner courtyard, as the core of the insertion, and the music academy. The latter is configured into individual and group rehearsal rooms, recording studios, two large rehearsal rooms for stage arts spaces for activities linked to the auditorium.