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Expozitional Center of Natural Science

Santiago de Chile, Chile
Author: Mădălina ION
Tutors: conf. dr. arh. Codina Elena Dușoiu

Authors’ Comment

The theme of the diploma project is to define a complex architecture program that seeks to participate in the modeling of the user structure in such a way that the exhibition space acts at the level of perception, exploring the senses, trying to relate to the fundamental elements: life, nature, animals and, last but not least, emotions.
The theme of the study project was determined by the personal interest in the initiation, experimentation and sensory course, by the interest in studying the interaction processes carried out by the visitors with an exhibition space, which led me to the development of the diploma project, so that the final solution to have a coherent and complex content continuity and evolution. The interior architecture solution responds to social requirements, drawing out attraction points that stimulate interest and stimulate the visitor, sending messages and acting on the line of emotion.