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House of houses

House of houses

Authors: arh. Izabela Adelinne Tudorache
Firm: Prag Studio

Structure project: ing. Andrei Badiu
plumbing: ing Mihai Terzi
Client: Lungu Marius și Lungu Cristina-Diana

Authors’ Comment

Being a holiday home, the project was treated in a slightly different way, being thought around two aspects: playful and practical, while considering the location restrictions and orientation.
The exterior was created as an amalgam of houses, bigger, smaller, symmetrical, asymmetrical, each having a certain utility related to the interior space. Each module is separated from the others by using different materials, as a set of building parts for children, where none has the same color. However, we have limited ourselves to only a few materials which, by their nature, have an important aspect in terms of housing quality.
In terms of interior composition, depending on the customer needs, the scheme was relatively simple. The whole living area is enclosed in an open space to facilitate socialization and various group activities between parents and children, being separate only the office that we all know is now useful even in a holiday home. The night area is built to give any room a beautiful view, emphasizing leisure and relaxation even inside the house through the glazed areas with seating.
In addition to the two main areas there is a third, located in the middle, which is the play area. It is a space that has practically found its place inside this combination of volumes, thus making the most of every corner.
Total usable area = 214.33 sqm
Total built area = 291.76 sqm

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