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Mojo Design Apartments

Mojo Design Apartments

Authors: Arh. Andra Elena Apostolescu, Arh. Răzvan Marian Ambăruș
Firm: Arhea Studio SRL

Dezvoltator: Fadel Mohamad
Proiectare structuri: Caracter Construct SRL
Proiectare instalații: Ace Tech Consulting SRL
Builder: Dinamic Building Home SRL
Beneficiari: Fadel Mohamad, Mojo Apartments SRL
Photo: Antonia Flueraș

Authors’ Comment

The two buildings that form Mojo Design Apartments spring out of the complex, motley tissue between the Ritmului and Zidurilor streets, a place otherwise lacking any kind of architectural landmarks.
The edifices’ concept is founded on the possibility of a link between the two aforementioned streets, a connection that was not possible in the old allotment of the area, since the building site resulted from the joining of 9 small adjacent plots. Even though the buildings are distinct entities, they are united through the basement level and share the courtyard and garden areas.
The basement level is accessible from Zidurilor Street, with the least traffic. The building facing Ritmului Street has a free ground floor, the only enclosed area being the reception. Thus, a semi-private area takes shape, offering access and visibility towards the courtyard between the two buildings. This permeability translates the other way round as well, from the courtyard towards the street.
The courtyard itself is conceived as a space for the future community, with a direct connection to the street, but with a much quieter atmosphere. We hope that this communal space will be adopted and maintained by the future inhabitants, fulfilling its purpose.
The buildings contain 55 apartments of different sizes, some of them remarkable because of their generous terraces, outlined by the brick-paneled façade. The overall volumes and finishes are intended as a signal for a more responsible development of the surrounding areas.

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