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Collective housing

Collective housing

Authors: arh. Cristina Olga Gociman, urb. Alfred Toader, arh. Iuian Bândar, arh. urb. Cristian Iosif Moscu
Firm: BIA Gociman Cristina Olga

Structure project: ing. Andrei Maslaev
ing. Florin Ungureanu

Authors’ Comment

Cube extrusion
At the beginning there was a cube house and a 7 meter ravine between two streets, one high speed towards the highway to Ploiești and another clogged in the gate of an abandoned brick factory, in the Gherghiței slum on the outskirts of Bucharest.
A large, rather fat cube sloping into the slope of the ravine that I cut vertically to look like a brotherhood of many more slender buildings.
Then I cut in each parallelepiped other parallelepipeds smaller houses living on top of each other, always different, so as not to get bored of each other and us of them.
Every other tenant looks from another place unrepeatable to another ether and listens with a different ear to the liturgy of the monastery across Lake Plumbuita.
The houses are different, always different from floor to floor, like people, always different. 6 types with one room 17 types with two rooms, 11 types with three rooms and 3 types with four rooms, living 37 unrepeatable houses. Otherwise a lot of white and shadow disturbed by their arrival, of people adding air conditioners, tubes, curtains, umbrellas, cars and sometimes flowers. Empty houses are different from inhabited ones.
Urban indicators - land area - 1,000 square meters (992 square meters according to measurements), built area - 342.3 square meters, developed area - 2,500 square meters, POT - 34.51%, and CUT - 2.5.

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