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Collective Housing VB

Collective Housing VB

Authors: arh. Mihai Neagu, arh. Bogdan Stefan, arh. Dana Garofil, arh. Denisa Ivan
Firm: AWstudio

Collaborators: ing. Bratu Florentin, Adex Cad Proiect
Photo: Alexandru Prodan

Authors’ Comment

The building is located in a new area which is under development, and our intention is for the project to become a context generator, an approach which is supported by the proposed rigorous architectural volume. Conditioned by urban regulations, the building has two floors facing the street level, while the third level is receding and architecturally highlighted only from the side of the building. The main entrance is supported and marked by a canopy with a strong geometric shape, while the exterior surfaces in the back are designed as a scenic background given by the wood cladding and dark plaster in contrast with the white consoles.
The building has 6 apartments designed with contemporary interior, large spaces, generous glazed area, corner windows, terraces for each living room, extended terraces for the third floor and outdoor spaces transformed on the ground floor into a private garden.

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