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Collective Housing TDV

Collective Housing TDV

Authors: arh. Bogdan Stefan, arh. Mihai Neagu, arh. Dana Garofil, arh. Denisa Ivan
Firm: AWstudio

Collaborators: ing. Bratu Florentin, NVP Project
Photo: Alexandru Prodan

Authors’ Comment

As part of the small and medium collective houses projects, our proposal is located in an area of Bucharest with high built density and mixed architectural character. Our aim was to achieve a flexible architecture, personalised and oriented towards the residents, offering them the possibility to define their personality also through the space in which they live. The building is composed of 6 apartments and is considering the characteristics of the existing site – 3 sides are surrounded by buildings with blind walls and one side is fully open towards the street. Our objective is to offer each inhabitant a direct contact with the outside, while maintaining its own private space. To optimise the use of space, all common circulations and those inside the apartments were displayed towards the blind walls and the garages were located underground, while all living spaces are taking advantage of the natural light facing the street. The proposed architecture fits into the existing space also through the chromatic register dominated by the dark grey and white colour contrast.

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