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Loft ERK

Loft ERK

Authors: arh. Vadim Ionescu, arh. Karin Reus, arh. Maria Arion, arh. Selena Tamba - Călin

Authors’ Comment

The project consists in the interior repartitioning of a two-level apartment in the northern part of Bucharest, in which the rooms and its functions were completely reconfigured, to optimize the space and find a perfect harmony between the proposed spaces, materials used and the resulting atmosphere.
Sharp lines, sharp corners, well-defined surfaces in sober, masculine colors were used, adapted to the beneficiary's requirements.
Primary textures such as wood, concrete, glass, stone + complementary colors white, black and gray are enhanced by discreet architectural lighting in some situations and brutal in others, by using visible LED strips, or lighting fixtures in sharp corners.
Premium materials such as HiMacs for stairs, countertops and furniture, veneered MDF, glass cladding, large ceramic cladding were used.

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