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P&S Offices

P&S Offices

Authors: arh. Vadim Ionescu, arh. Karin Reus, arh. Maria Arion, arh. Selena Tamba - Călin, arh. Monica Ionescu

Authors’ Comment

The arrangement was made to obtain an office space located in an existing apartment building, built during the 80s in the central area of Bucharest, where no major repartitioning interventions could be made due to structural limitations.
The industrial style adopted is supported by the materials used as: exposed concrete type plasters for ceilings, luminaires with apparent mounting, painted or glued glass cladding whose reflection helps to perceive a larger space, strong contrasting colors in combination with neutral tones of white, black and gray.
By designing in dark industrial style, the existing paintings in the beneficiary's collection will be highlighted.

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