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Hagi Moscu Apartment

Hagi Moscu Apartment

Authors: arh. Elena-Roxana Nițescu, arh. Silvia Olteanu, arh. Miruna Stroe
Firm: Lime Studio

Executant finisaje: Top Level Construct
Executant Mobilier: Spin Zone
Photo: Sabin Prodan (Tryingtodoart)

Authors’ Comment

When designing for a young, growing family space and simplicity is key for a non-clutter home. A light play of colour on the ceiling throughout the entire apartment makes for a cozier, more interesting and inspiring space. Large surfaces of wood finishing complete the scandinavian inspired space.
Besides adding colour to the apartment`s ceiling we also added colour and refurbished the existing beige ceramic floor of the kitchen and also gave the backsplash a new clean look with special white paint suited for ceramic surfaces.