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Mumuleanu appartment Interior Design
  • Nomination for the “Interior Space Architecture / Interior Residential Design” section

Mumuleanu appartment Interior Design

Authors: arh. Ciprian Manda

Authors’ Comment

Within the limitation of the small footprint of the studio apartment I tried to use all the design elements in order to alter the perception of the space, to get to a well balanced and airy feeling.
The quality of the materials is enhanced by the simplicity of the furniture design, using simple, geometrical shapes. The lighting was chosen in such a way to complement the walls and ceiling surfaces and textures.
The separation between the different areas was mainly done through the furniture layout ,color and texture. The only existing interior door is the bathroom door, which is ”hidden” in the wall design.
The entrance area, kitchen and dining area was organized around the most complex furniture pieces in the apartment. Here I employed oak in different nuances and textures and in combination with raw metal.
The middle space, of the living room, is ”quieter”, with a simpler palette of materials and colors.
The central disposition of the bathroom space is used as a visual anchor for the whole studio by painting the exterior in a dark grey color.
The bedroom tough, is mainly white, mainly textile, with a couple of oak and metal insertions.