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20 Parcului Apartment

20 Parcului Apartment

Authors: arh. Cristian Pătrașcu
Firm: Cristian Pătrașcu Studio

Authors’ Comment

The big advantage in the case of this project was that we started it from the construction phase and thus we were able to modify certain spaces in the plan. Thus, we gave up closing off the kitchen and the hall and in this way, the living area became very flexible and homogeneous. This being ideal especially in the case of an apartment with a not very large area. Thus we maximized the natural light entering the living area. Having the same goal of maximizing the brightness of the space, the dressing room in the living room has 4 of the 5 doors with a mirror appearance with a golden tint, which benefits the impression of space and natural light.
The color accents are strong and we find powder pink, mustard yellow and gold tones almost everywhere, including the kitchen doors. In the kitchen, I also created a bar area that continued with the built-in refrigerator.
The entire arrangement aims to create spaces as bright as possible with an elegant, feminine style, using textiles with strong accents, warm colors and gold inserts.
A less common element is the glass-enclosed bathroom in the bedroom. This could be achieved by dividing the bathroom into two distinct areas, namely, the sink with toilet in the hall bathroom and the shower area with sink in the bedroom. A bold idea but which offers a very interesting view. The fact that we have the main dressing room in the living room and hall allowed us to have a more airy bedroom without a lot of furniture.