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Authors: Camina Zerva, Iulia Oniciuc, Robert-Eugen Dumitru, arh. Dimitrie Zerva
Firm: Ioka Design

Mobilier: Sia Atelier
Iluminat : Moir, The Edit, Paris 14a
Canapea, Pat: Divanissimi
Placari insula: Art Granit
Dezvoltator: Cap Nord Residence

Authors’ Comment

The current project involves furnishing and accessorizing a space that was a white canvas, with white walls and floor finishes.
Complementing the existing finishes, our team proposes a timeless, minimalist design where the focus is on materiality and feeling.
With a "block", "monolith" image, the island becomes the main subject, around which the whole action gravitates. The ceramic cladding of 12 mm top and 6 mm perimeter was a key element for the final image.
The "cold" feeling of the stone and stainless steel contrasts with the warmth of the veneer used for wall coverings, as well as the wood used for the Mogg library elements and the E15 coffee table.
The sofa is also an atypical choice, being positioned on a "pedestal" that gives it both importance and versatility and offers a different approach to the classic sitting area in the living room.
Certain angles send to a brutalist image, later sweetened by feminine curved elements that bring that cozyness from the brief of all clients.