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Authors: arh. Miruna Pribeagu, arh. Georgiana Spiridon, arh. Gabriel Pribeagu, arh. Andreea Panescu Ghinea
Firm: Reflex Architecture

Furnizor mobila: Atelier September,
Furnizor lumini: Luminna
Photo: Andrei Tudoran

Authors’ Comment

The apartment in located on the Regina Elisabeta boulevard, in a historic area of the city, the ideal location for an apartment meant to be Airbnb rented.
Being a space of transition by nature, the apartment was designed in a minimalistic manner so it can be suited and adaptable to every temporary resident. The design brings, though, some contrast elements meant to make the visit memorable.
Thus, the base chromatics of the space comes down to neutrals – beige, white, colored greys, found both in the finishes and furniture.
In the area destined for day activities the wood dominates the space, the living area being emphasized by the natural fiber carpet and the floating lamp over the coffee table. Between the living and the kitchen the wooden dining table found some space. The presence of the table leaves a mark on the wall in the form of an arched niche, which repeats the gesture of the arch between the entrance hallway and the day area. Another material that unifies the day area is the brass, which intervenes subtle at detail level and adds a glam accent over the neutral background.
The hallway and the bedrooms become the contrast elements through chromatics and texture. In every space cand be found colors that don’t exist in the general color palette: blue, green, yellow and also, bold textures, introduced by wallpaper.
The design transforms the apartment in a space of contrast, meant to reflect the character of every resident.