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House PRM22

House PRM22

Authors: arh. int. Irina Ursu

Tâmplarie interioară: White Design
Corpuri de iluminat: Luminna
Confecții metalice: Vertigo Metal Design
Finisaje: ConcreteArt
Mobilier: Fronte Design, Util Mob Design, Divanissimi, The Home, Ikea
Photo: Alexandru Prodan

Authors’ Comment

The original house, built in the interwar period, following a street standardized project, was consolidated, refurbished and extended with an elevated attic-style floor. The exigencies of the four-member family for the design project were to personalize the house by adapting it to meet their requirements for functionality and streamlined elegance. Thus, the interior is dominated by simple yet honest shapes that go together with the ingenuous and natural use of materials: white walls, bricks and wood in their original aspect, metal and concrete finishes. The furniture, accurately designed for clear functions, honestly fits the whole, asserting a lexicon of stability, trust and distinctiveness. The eloquence of the interior design resides in its day-to-day functionality adapted to the requirements of an intellectual family for whom simplicity and subtle elegance are assumed as essential attributes of their living space.