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T. Apartment

T. Apartment

Authors: arh. Sonia Troancă, arh. Andrei Crăciun, arh. Ioana Amărășteanu
Firm: AXS Studio

Photo: arh. int. Alexandru Prodan

Authors’ Comment

The two-bedroom apartment is located on the top floor of a residential building, near the Historic Center of Sibiu. It has a usable area of 90 sqm, which is joined by a generous terrace of 130 sqm, with a partial view of the historical city area and the surrounding mountain landscape. The original spatial configuration of the apartment has been preserved, while the furnishing has been rethought, to allow better use of the day and night spaces.
The clients wanted a contemporary style interior design, characterized by a palette of light colors which can contribute to the creation of a calm and bright ambiance in their home.
The proposed finishes and the materials, in bright and warm colors, were selected to reproduce the feeling of a welcoming, quiet nest, away from the daily hustle and bustle.
The minimalist treatment of the walls and their white painting favored the creation of a neutral and bright background, intended to enhance the natural appearance of the wood, chosen in the shade of natural oak. Wood becomes a unifying element in the arrangement, found in all the rooms of the house, on the flooring, or in details and pieces of furniture, processed with smooth or riffled surfaces.
The living area, conceived in an open-space configuration, accurately exhibits the palette of colors and materials that characterize the entire arrangement in a contemporary style: neutral shades of white for the furniture pieces, the details, and cladding made of wood and marble, alongside accent colors such as emerald green and anthracite grey.
The custom-made furniture pieces were produced by a local manufacturer, according to the drawings and designs made by the architects within the studio. The furniture pieces were designed and manufactured following simple lines, with carefully studied proportions and details. Curved shapes, used in accent pieces such as mirrors, lighting fixtures, coffee tables, or the master bedroom vanity table, were deliberately created and selected to contrast with the rigorous rectangular shapes, while also intending to give a vibrant image to the interior design. Among these contrasting pieces of furniture is the bench built into the TV furniture in the living area, which created an intimate and secluded area, preferred by the beneficiaries for reading or relaxing. It can be used as well in the form of an extension of the seating for the dining area, when the home hosts family or guests.