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M.AC Apartment

M.AC Apartment

Authors: arh. Andreea Iulia TURBATU, arh. Onisim BULGARIU
Firm: Onisim Architecture and Design

Builder: Marian Patru Renovation

Authors’ Comment

Specially created for a young family, the modern-style four-room apartment brings together the characteristics of a non-conformist interior design. Each element manages to give the home a fresh breath, but at the same time extravagant. Delicate textures, spectacular finishes and durable materials combine to define visual harmony and surprise even the most demanding. In addition to the uniqueness of the design, the apartment has been compartmentalized in such a way that each member of the family can enjoy the privacy they need.
The home is approximately 200 square meters, which provides enough space for both play and relaxation moments.
Entrance hall – A first contact with the extravagant home
First impressions matter, especially when it comes to completing the interior design stages. We emphasized every detail, precisely to reproduce the sense of home. The hall was separated from the living room by multifunctional furniture, ideal for storing jackets, coats and shoes.
The electrical panel fixed next to the entrance door is hidden by a hanger made of scraps, which can be easily opened if needed.
Living room – Comfort taken to another level:
Ideal for spending quality time with loved ones, the living room impresses with both functionality and elegance. It integrates a generous corner sofa and leather armchairs, which give a cozy, family look. Here you can retreat to isolate yourself from the daily bustle or to spend quality time with your loved ones. The area where the OLED TV is located features hidden storage spaces and shelves for decorations, just so as not to overload visually.
The furniture was custom-made from matte mdf, painted white and pale. The electric fireplace is highlighted by golden accents, which add an extra touch of sophistication to the whole design.
The wall that connects to the night area is painted with decorative paint. The door leading to the bedrooms is in tune with the shades of white and blue used to decorate the wall.
A kitchen for those who are passionate about cooking:
Modern, with a luxurious appearance, the kitchen combines the useful with the pleasant. The furniture is made of custom-made mdf in a minimalist style, painted in baby blue and white colors. The generous worktop allows for easy preparation of dishes. Furthermore, the furniture is specially designed to incorporate Bosch appliances.
The walls have decorative calcecruda, which can be easily cleaned thanks to the applied protective varnish. Hexagonal ceramic tiles are also found on the walls. The floor integrates anthracite gray ceramic tiles, which finalize a unique contrast. Delicate finishes are accentuated by the light created by the chandelier.
The entrance to the kitchen is marked by the filomuro door, integrated into the wall through paint and decorative strips.
Minimalist interior design outlined in the lobby of the night area

The hallway in the bedroom area is designed simply, with impact, without aesthetic artifices.
LED sconces create unique light games on the wall and floor. The bedroom doors are filomuro and successfully finalize a minimalist style based exclusively on visual harmony.
A plus of uniqueness in the master bedroom
Precisely because it best highlights the personality of the tenants, the master bedroom has that familiar something, capable of attracting all eyes.
The generous 180 x 200 cm bed, upholstered with folding bed base is custom-made. Comfort is enhanced by the dressing area, the accessories with golden accents and the chandelier. Furthermore, the bedroom is compartmentalized in such a way as to integrate all the elements a couple needs. The make-up table, the LED mirror and the multifunctional storage spaces could therefore not be missing from the landscape. The authenticity of the room is emphasized by the lichens.
Multifunctional desk – Ideal for those who work from home
Who says you can't move work hours into moments of relaxation? We created an unconventional office that integrates pieces painted by the recipient and riffles with blue lichens. The non-conformist decorative elements were highlighted by a wall painted in pearlescent black. I also added a royal blue velvet sofa bed, just good for those well-deserved breaks. The desk is height adjustable, which is why it can be easily used by each tenant. For added multi-functionality, an area with shelves for storage has been placed next to the desk.
Interior design in the bathroom area – Intimacy and good taste
The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. It is the area where you recharge your batteries after tiring days of work. Precisely for this reason, impressive interior design elements have been finalized. We have drawn three zones, to provide privacy for each member of the family:
1. Guest bathroom:
The guest bathroom was specially created to give guests moments of relaxation, but also to draw attention. The sanitary ware are made of materials that offer excellent durability. The rimfree WC features a wall-mounted tank that successfully maximizes space. The walk-in shower features a blue ceramic wall that mimics the elegance of marble. The sink is simple, rectangular, immaculate white.
2. Master bathroom
The master bathroom is of an elegance taken to another level, capable of transforming an interior design project into a true work of art. The travertine wall and ceramics trace an airy space, with fresh, modern notes. LED mirrors create extravagant optical illusions.
Bathroom accessories are colored in golden hues and incorporate glossy finishes, which transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.
3. Girls bathroom
In order to fully have a harmonious development, the little ones need moments in which they can discover themselves. Thus, the bathroom for the little girl was designed in such a way as to feed the limitless imagination of children.
Ceramic walls feature glossy textures and abstract patterns. The shelves for storage are colored in pale pink, and in the case of bathroom accessories, gold predominates.