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BWCD Apartament

BWCD Apartament

Authors: arh. Paul Machedon

Microciment: TopCreation
Executant Bucatarie: Ioan Pop
Photo: Andra Machedon

Authors’ Comment

The BWCD apartment perfectly exemplifies the large mass of 2-room apartments of communist era. Therefore, we consider this project to be part of the larger discussion that needs to be had about how we, as an urban population, negotiate, accept and renew the heritage we have received.

We dedicated ourselves to this project because it represents the case so often encountered, where the funds are limited, the apartment belonged to an outdated housing typology, and the beneficiary's ambitions were high. However, this is exactly the case where we believe that the architect can make a difference, to bring the new owners something that will make them feel at home despite the circumstances.

The services area has been reorganized around the bathroom, being able to eliminate a series of dark partitions, thus allowing natural lighting throughout the day in most of the home.

A warm microcement base unifies all the living areas, allowing us to combine the new furniture with the old pieces that the owners has chosen. Three metallic curtains are aligned in the axis that breaks the structure. This axis simultaneously separates the entrance area and the service area, from the living room and the bedroom, but also brings a certain flexibility and ease to the lifestyle that the beneficiaries wish to have.