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Duplex 71

Duplex 71

Authors: arh. Olivia Zahalca Postolache, arh. Radu Postolache
Firm: Postolache Zahalca Arhitectura

Execuție mobilier : Movi Design Factory
Mobilier : Divanissimi, The Home, Atelier Microproductie
Furnizori finisaje : Delta Studio
Iluminat : Lighting Solutions, The Home

Authors’ Comment

The apartment is spread over two levels and is located on the top floors of a residential building next to Politehnica park area. Therefore, the entire design concept was created around the connection with the exterior and the large windows. Betting on this potential, a clean design was created, a quiet atmosphere with simple lines, so that the entire interior opens up to the panorama.
The apartment offers clean and welcoming spaces, at first floor - the living space with a dining area and the closed kitchen, and upstairs - the night area that includes the master bedroom and the office.
The color palette of this apartment is primarily dominated by warm tones of wood and soft gray, completed by accents of scarlet orange and black, all mixed up in the natural light.
Each piece of furniture must have a distinctive purpose in the living space and be primarily functional, so the design of the furniture was clean with simple lines, practical storage solutions that were correlated with wall covering to give the feeling of hidden doors, barely perceptible but intentional designed, all helping to create a refined and unitary interior design. The lighting fixtures take over the dominating lines of the design, pointing out the generated spaces.
The result is a project with a serene, calm and welcoming atmosphere - an apartment with straight lines and scent of wood, where you immediately feel like home.