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Mid Century Flavour

Mid Century Flavour

Authors: arh. int. Ștefania Bobaru Chirleșan, arh. int. Alexandra Diana Onel, arh. int. Andrei George Dobrea, arh. Elena-Codina Dușoiu
Firm: VIM studio

Mobilier: Marc’s Mob Production
Uși delimitare bucătărie: Cristian Petrescu
Photo: arh. int. Alexandru Prodan

Authors’ Comment

The starting point of the project was the stylistic preference of the beneficiaries for mid-century design and interiors.
The arrangement is the result of the common passion for details of all those involved and the whole work was based on good communication with them.

The house, located in a newly built area of ​​the city, was purchased finished on the outside and on the inside, at the gray stage, and without partitions. There was no interior staircase either, which gave us the opportunity to design it as a unifying element (both through the volume and through the materials used) of the entrance area, the living room and to make the transition to the private space upstairs.

The terrazzo-looking ceramics installed in the hallway, in the bathroom and kitchen continue on the podium that forms the second step of the staircase and which later continues in the living room, integrating with the TV set. The composition is completed by a set of cantilevered and wood-clad steps.

The kitchen is positioned in direct visual connection with the living room, but separated from it if needed by a glass partition with a metal frame.

The entire ground floor is designed under the sign of chromatic continuity, thus generating a unitary, fluid and welcoming space.

Upstairs there is the master bedroom (with dressing room and private bathroom) and two more bedrooms, all served by a shared bathroom, accessible from the hall.

The dominant element in the master bedroom is the headboard, customized with graphics signed by Ana Bănică. The curved shape of the wall focuses attention on it, and the LED lighting emphasizes the verticality of the assembly