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Apartment No 13

Apartment No 13

Authors: arh. Cristian Pătrașcu, arh. int. Daniela Cristea
Firm: Cristian Pătrașcu Studio

Mobilier: Adrian Matei

Authors’ Comment

A design characterized by an elegant style with luxury accents. We started from a neutral color palette but combined with strong color accents given by the textile materials.
The kitchen area is closed with sliding glass doors with a metal frame and communicates visually with the dining and living area. The appliances are perfectly integrated into the kitchen units, keeping the colors neutral and helping to use as few colors as possible.
The bathroom with shower takes you to the sea because the tiles used have a look and color similar to sand and the tile on the accent wall has a specific ocean color.
The matrimonial bedroom, which retains design elements from the living room, receives a more exotic touch through the wallpaper behind the bed and the filomuro door leading to the bathroom is perfectly disguised by being covered in wallpaper.
Light plays a very important role in this project, with light boxes and LED strips to highlight certain materials used, furniture bodies and new spaces created.
The whole arrangement follows an elegant style, with velvet-look textiles, warm colors and some gold accents.