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BariClinic, Monza Hospital / The architecture of a modern medical concept

București, România
Authors: arch. Raluca Boroș, arch. Roxana Ioniță / Roof Architecture
Collaborators: Consultant de specialitate - arh. Ioana Corbu
Responsabil tehnic execuție - ing. Adelina Pristavu Fotografii - arh. Andrei Mărgulescu

Authors’ Comment

Accommodating 11 patients, BariClinic general surgery department is situated at the 6-th floor of Monza Hospital and it is dedicated to the treatment of obesity through surgery. Both the extremely private architecture program and the approach of a highly standard modern medical concept represented a challenge.The project was naturally born out of love for people and the desire to give them an easier life.
The architectural-constructive details (route, furniture, materials, colors, light) talk about a space of acceptance and social integration. That's why architecture remains humble and respectful to understand and help with the specific and intimate needs of the community it serves.
The route from investigation to discharge emphasizes the idea of continuous communication between the public and the medical area.
For physicians, the quality of architectural space adds value by optimizing single-level functional circuits. In this way, the medical team spends less time "running between departments," and this changes both the work of the staff and the good care of the patients. Thus, we can talk about a healing architecture.

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