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Medical space metamorphosis

București, România
Author: arch. Raluca Boroș / SC. Roof Architecture SRL
Collaborators: arh. Bălulescu Mădălina
arh. Boroș Adrian

Authors’ Comment

The ProEstetica Medical Clinic building is located in the Dorobanti general area and it was built by architect Vlad Cavarnali in 2004. Having an estimated 1200 sqm, the project represents the refurbishment of its 3 operating rooms, 6 consultation offices and many treatment rooms, which are used to treat hundreds of patients annually.
Through its acquisition by the Monza Medical Group, the building’s interior space has gained a fresh and more dynamic look. This new look was achieved by the architects of Roof Architecture by combining the Monza principles and standards with ProEstetica’s experience and tradition.As the physician's role is to care for the patient, the architect’s main role is to order and organize space, but also to make life easier for its users.
The proposed interior design, through its choice of colours and its medical staff rooms, promotes a more open approach to the physician-patient relationship.
Thus, the project showcases a type of architecture that contributes to the patents’ healing.

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