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Statera – The science of beauty

Statera – The science of beauty

Authors: arh. Raluca Boros, arh. Ioana Corbu
Firm: Roof Architecture , IC Studio

Arhitectura: Arh. Madalina Balulescu, Arh. Dragos Puscasu
Proiectare Instalatii: ing. Ana Florescu
Builder: Pipaco South Group
Client: Dr. Florin Juravle, JFD Medical

Authors’ Comment

A medical clinic’s space becomes itself the mark and confirmation of prestige both for the medical activity and the doctor who activates in that space. An aesthetics medical clinic is a space for personal transformations, an intimate space of orientation through self. The theme for this interior design was Science, as a bridge between Medicine and Archictecture. Starting from the premise that both the field of aesthetics and the one of architecture involve beauty, we created a meeting point for the both worlds, a place governed by the architectural declension of the word "science".
The entire space was created as a complete visual – sensorial experience. The space path reveals itself gradually starting with a semi-public area of the reception. From the waiting area you are brought back via a visual guide line highlighted by the metallic ceiling to the intimacy of the surgeon's office, passing by the area of complementary therapies. All of the architectural gestures speak thorugh their minimalism about surgical accuracy and stringency. The materiality and luminosity of spaces, but mostly the confort, were assured in the visual spectrum with clean tones of white and neutral natural textures completed by accents of lively blue – a note of the masculine influence and energy in a world of feminine beauty. The furniture and lighting objects were imagined as an integral part of the arrangement and all the materials were chosen as to assure the highest level of asepsis, being characterized by ease of cleaning and maintenance.

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