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House with a smile

Balotești, jud. Ilfov, România
Authors: arch. Cătălin Mihai Caragea, arch. Diana Andreea Stegaru, arch. Mihăiță Stancu / A-make

Authors’ Comment

In a place surrounded by an oak forest, in the old Vlăsiei woods, we imagined a house in close harmony with the nature - a house with a discrete presence, comprised of three simple white volumes of oak planks, drawn on the forest background.
The house welcomes you with an open courtyard, which continues above the main entrance. Inside, each space demanded its rightful share of the landscape. The first remarkable image of the welcome area is that of the semi-private courtyard dominated by the presence of a purple birch. Two steps further unveil the space in which the family finds their daily peace. With double height, the central space of the house is where the family gathers around the table. The sunrise light washes the central space's walls. The image of the tree is glimpsed through the wide glass of the living area irrespective of your position in the house.
The private courtyard area, to which the master bedroom's large-scale glazing opens, located on the ground floor, is a green oasis of relaxation. The living room could not miss the purple sunsets, so the empty spaces to the private courtyard area are in constant looking for unique sunset frames.
Similar to the plants that are orientated towards the sun, the house is powered by the sun's energy, through the volumetric configuration.

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