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Single family house in Domenii

Single family house in Domenii

Authors: arh. Andrei Dumitrescu
Firm: S.C. Radial Design s.r.l.

Structure project: ing. Dan Stefan
expert tehnic. ing. Romulus Simion
instalatii ing. Mihai Terzi
Builder: S.C. Divers Construct s.r.l.
Builder: S.C. Per-Te Mg. Construct

Authors’ Comment

This single-family house is built in a small plots residential area for a family with two children.
The positioning at the intersection of two streets generated the "L" shape of the plan, obtaining a good sun exposure for all spaces and at the same time a natural extension of the public space with the garden.
The interior is designed in half levels, allowing easy connection between levels and at the same time saving the space allocated to vertical circulations.
Thus, it was possible to accommodate the basic functions: living room, kitchen, master suite and two bedrooms for children with the related bathrooms, but also the auxiliary ones: hobby room, garage, covered terrace, rooftop terrace, technical space.