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House VT

House VT

Authors: arh. Mihai Neagu, arh. Bogdan Stefan, arh. Dana Garofil, arh. Denisa Ivan
Firm: AWstudio

Collaborators: ing. Bratu Florentin, Adex Cad Proiect
Photo: Alexandru Prodan

Authors’ Comment

Located in the western part of Bucharest, the project aims to combine natural and built spaces, under a general new and contemporary approach. This family home is introverted from the street, but has a fluid relation between the indoor and outdoor green spaces through the facades with generous glass areas. At ground level, the transition between the built space and the natural one is made through a natural connecting element - water. The water mirror thus created reflects both sides simultaneously defining an area of their confluence, in relation to the living area on the ground floor.
The vertical connection, at a functional level, is made by means of an impressive glass wall which goes up on two levels. The transparent staircase in the living room is part of this area and leads to the night area on the 1st floor, then to the multi-functional space on the 2nd floor which opens to a generous green terrace, designed as a social space, an extension at another level of the garden.

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