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House in Skopelos

House in Skopelos

Authors: arh. Remus Harsan
Firm: graphic industrial

Collaborators: arh, Anestis Eleftheriadis, arh. Dragos Perju, arh. Georgios Dosios

Authors’ Comment

A holiday home on an island in the Mediterranean! An exotic project with the force of attraction in front of which the difficulties of realization pale. A project possible through the compatibility between the client, Graphic Industrial and our colleagues from Thessaloniki, Anestis Eleftheriadis and Georgios Dosios. The special quality of Greek performers should also be mentioned.
The natural setting was the main source of inspiration for this project; the spectacular landscape with a wide opening to the south offers a panoramic view to which the steep terrain with a difference of 28 m from sea level also fully contributes; the house was organized on one level, fragmented in plan and section to mold on the ground; the two areas have slightly different orientations, different level elevations and the space between them, amplified, increases the compositional dynamism. The land was organized in steps through a series of walls paved with local stone. The planted roof contributes to a discreet insertion in the landscape. Towards the sea a terrace was organized in the shade of some olive trees. There is a deliberate contrast between the white, solar volumes, predominantly full, and the massive background formed by the retaining walls clad with local stone in traditional techniques.

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