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House VM

House VM

Authors: arh. Bogdan Stefan, arh. Mihai Neagu, arh. Dana Garofil, arh. Denisa Ivan
Firm: AWstudio

Collaborators: ing. Bratu Florentin, Adex Cad Proiect
Photo: Alexandru Prodan

Authors’ Comment

The architectural concept of the house revolves, from a visual point of view, around the simple, oversized and reinterpreted volume of the predominant traditional roof frame in rural areas. The designation of the project is a weekend home that can accommodate the real needs of a family represented by several generations - children, parents and grandparents. Designed on a single level, the entire floor-plan develops around the generous living space, area which is highlighted by its positioning under the highest point of the roof frame. Finishes wise, the main textures of wood and stone were reinterpreted from the traditional architecture and contrasted by the chromatics of the metallic fascia and the plaster made in neutral colours - white and grey.

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