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Bonteria Very&So

Bonteria Very&So

Authors: arh. Csilla Negoiță, arh. Laura-Maria Ruxăndescu, arh. Diana-Adina Nine
Firm: SC Letics Atelier SRL

Coordonator proiect: arh. Andrei Mihai Dobra (Carrefour Romania SA)
Manager de proiect: George Dobre (Carrefour Romania SA)
Manual de brand: Martin Balint (Martin Balint Studio)
Builder: Carrefour Romania SA
Client: Carrefour Romania SA

Authors’ Comment

This concept is a result of Carrefour's Romania intention to create a new type of drugstore, also known as "bonteria".
Our biggest challenge, was to create a general image which should complete and unify a new, well-defined brand identity, representing the project brief.
This way, we developed the representative element of the brand, the perimetral stretched metal sheet, lighted with amber LED strip, as a support for the product category signage.
Brand and design key words:
- Spices / sweet and spicy - sensory and visual impact
- Intense flavours / passionate - significant / welcoming
- Natural - warm interior / amber lighting
Store profile:
- DESTINATION / Beauty, well-being and health
- LOCATION / downtown / high-traffic location / city centers / shopping centers
- CLIENT PROFILE / Medium to high
- TARGET AUDIENCE / Modern urban females between 25 and 45 years old
- SALE AREA / Aproximative 200-300sqm
- PRODUCT RANGE / 2500 - 2770
- PRODUCTS / High range of products in specific categories
- SIGNAGE / Product range division
The sales area is divided in three product categories, as readable from the furniture materials approach
- beauty area
- home and health area
- make-up area - shop-in-shop with specific furniture
The backwall furniture display is continuous for the flexibility of the product range with the superior specific header, for the signage of the product categories.
The make-up area forms a central core with dedicated furniture and stretched metal sheet panels, with amber LED lighting.
The middle furniture, islands, are formed by joined shelves with back ending furniture on the sides and dedicated amber lighted signage as well.
The cashdesk position is next to the entrance / exit, for the best visibility and surveillance of the sales area and in the same time, with a backwall serving as main indoor communication area.
The exterior side of this backwall is dedicated for the main outdoor communication area, for the street or shopping centers common area.

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