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WPP Terrace

WPP Terrace

Autor Principal:
arh. Eliza Yokina
arh. Alexandru Cătăuță
arh. Alexandru Anghel
arh. Sergiu Pargras
arh. Ștefan Nechita
Firm: Cumulus Architecture

Execuție structuri lemn: Atelier Vast
Execuție vegetație: Beros Abdul +
Client: WPP Romania
Photo: Radu Matei

Authors’ Comment

The project consists in arranging the terrace of the WPP Romania headquarters on the 2nd floor of The Mark building in Calea Griviței 84-98. The terrace can be used both as an outdoor work space or relaxation during breaks, as well as a space for events or socializing. The concept provides a series of wooden pavilion structures: 2 modules with low seating, 3 modules with high seating and two modules with hammock, located among and around some vegetation islands.

Area: 400 sqm

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