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Silk District

Silk District

Autor principal:
arh. Eliza Yokina
arh. Adrian Soare
arh. Răzvan Puchici
arh. Maria Oprea
arh. Simina Ignat
arh. Alexandra Marin
arh. Dora Morcov
Echipa de proiectare:
arh. Daniel Movilă
arh. Ștefan Mirică
arh. Daria Huțanu
arh. Flavius Busuioc
Firm: Cumulus Architecture

Client: Prime Kapital
Randări: Tegmark, Barbar

Authors’ Comment

We are constantly looking for a new model of urban life that will meet our growing expectations, especially in an era of ecological, social and economic change. Our proposal addresses priorities on the agenda of world architects: climate change; building sustainability; the quality of the urban environment; the changes caused by the new pandemic crisis; the quality of architecture as an integrator of a vision; prosperity; respect for fundamental human rights; adaptability of spaces and flexibility. Happy and healthy communities should be the goal of any developer, the guarantee of a sustainable investment.
The public space of the promenade is designed as a backbone of the project, an attractive and dynamic urban space, configured on a human scale, with playful features and accompanied by a wide range of facilities and commercial spaces. The public space extends on the rooftop with sports, leisure and community activities.
The residential area of over 100,000 square meters is designed so that the apartments benefit from light throughout the year and provide outdoor space for each unit. The parking building connects the two parts of the ensemble visually and physically. The façade is treated like a cut-out paper - a playful look, while the promenade on the ground floor and the esplanade on the top floor give this space a social and leisure character.

Site area: 51.022 mp
Total gross area: 169.025 mp
Residential: 107.557 mp
Parking: 57.892 mp
Commercial: 3.045 mp
Green area: 11.065 mp
Pedestrian area: 10.549
POT: 32.35%
CUT: 3.09
Localization: Iași

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