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Pastel Hygge

Pastel Hygge

Authors: arh. int. Alexandra Diana Onel, arh. int. Ștefania Bobaru, arh. Alexandra Tiță
Firm: VIM studio

Authors’ Comment

The design project of the three-room apartment, having as beneficiaries a family composed of three members, started from their desire to have ample storage spaces, all integrated in a minimalist Scandinavian arrangement.

The entire space was aesthetically composed starting from a white-gray background that aims to enhance accent colors and textures such as turquoise, oak wood. The whites are harmoniously complemented with pastel shades, and certain areas such as the access area become true color tunnels. To increase the feeling of space, generous mirrors have been placed that amplify the lighting of the areas.

The kitchen is the central point of the arrangement where the challenge was to create as many storage spaces as possible, but also a generous work area. The island, which can be used either for cooking or for sitting / dining, harmoniously combines the two main areas of the apartment - the kitchen and the living room.

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