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Authors: arh. int. Ștefania Bobaru, arh. int. Andrei George Dobrea, arh. Elena-Codina Dușoiu
Firm: VIM studio

Authors’ Comment

The 50 sq m apartment, located in a building constructed in 1966, benefited from a major renovation, which led to the removal of its old dusty and dark image, instead giving it a new face, aligned with the present.

The same space surprises the viewer today with a judicious use of surfaces and the abundance of natural light enhanced by the predominantly light furniture, accentuated by areas of navy blue.

The main challenge of the project was to make the most of its surface without crowding the overall image with volumes.

Towards this end, the kitchen was equipped with a generous worktop decorated with wood textures, thus taming the blue of the fronts. A mirror image of the countertop can be found on the opposite wall, this time the surface serving as a place to eat.

In the living room, the furniture is characterized by versatility. The desk bordered by storage volumes can be easily changed and transformed into a dinner table for family or friends.

The bedroom culminates in a spectacle of reflections - large mirrors, turned on two planes, increase the feeling of space and brightness, and the asymmetry of the background wall gives the note of dynamism that breaks the monotony.

Worth mentioning as well is the vestibule where behind navy blue particle boards, rhythmically arranged along the length of the wall, LED light strips that suggest the idea of ​​weightlessness of the composition were placed.

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