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The Harbour Restaurant

București, România
Authors: arch. Ștefan Alberto Bianco, arch. Alexandra Aramă, arch. Iulia Popescu / PROGRAPHIC ARCHITECTURE STUDIO

Authors’ Comment

The interior design for The Harbour was initially done in 2003 by the Prographic Architecture Studio team. The investors wanted to make a refurbishment in order to have a much brighter and colourful space.
Redesigning a space that is already associated with a particular type of atmosphere was our biggest challenge. Preserving and reusing old items from the existing space was a decision we made because we wanted a minimal intervention on the existent premises. The new furniture maintains a classic line, but has a more modern note in both material and colour.
The existing visible pipes were painted in bright colors. The existing floor and panelling were scraped, so that the wood reaches its natural tone. The lights were replaced with custom made ones. All of these small interventions create a brighter and warmer atmosphere.

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