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Huawei headquarters

București, România
Authors: arch. Ștefan Alberto Bianco – Autor, arch. Oana Cucoranu – Autor, arch. Lavinia Moraru – Autor, arch. Sabina Gherghel – Autor, arch. Alexandru Abostanoae – Autor / Prographic Architecture Studio

Authors’ Comment

The idea of the design has started from the concept of centrality, integrating the brand symbol, which is directly suggested by the shape of the reception space. The logo is transformed into a decorative element at first, using its complete and structured form, creating the column that supports the point of the reception. Curved lamelas accentuate the fluidity of the space, along with minimal furniture. The logo then goes through various changes, adapting to room function, degraded and conceptualized into the shape of a bright disk. The circle is also used as a roof cut around the pillars, unraveling the network of structures and the strength of the structure that supports the functionality of the space. From the chromatic point of view, in the protocol areas is used white and different gray tones of finishes, keeping the 'clean' aspect of the offices. In open space, colored columns become cheerful accents in informal workplaces, covered with sound-absorbing finishes similar to carpet tones. White furniture with black details complements the modern tone of the layout, creating a polished overall look and keeping the traditional values of the brand.

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