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Stage Loft

București, România
Authors: arch. Ștefan Alberto Bianco – Autor, arch. Iulia Popescu, arch. Alexandra Aramă, arch. Lavinia Moraru – Project manager, arch. Liliana Panzar – Project manager / Prographic Architecture Studio

Authors’ Comment

The design course of the apartment began to take shape since the first visit and the first contact with the beneficiaries a non-conformist couple, who wanted the future design to represent them. Considering the fact that both beneficiaries work within the artistic field, the concept is inspired by the backstage and was implemented in the most creative ways. We played with the floor level and created various podiums, to induce the idea of stage, while also outlining a functional separation of the spaces. The image was completed by backstage specific elements: metal beams, projectors, speakers, flightcases. The style is eclectic, combining unexpectedly elements of urban-industrial area with vintage items, art deco or minimalist. The contrast became the leitmotif of the interior design and the unique joining of an aluminum beam and a Tiffany chandelier specific for the last century, between concrete and natural moss between natural wood and painted black metal, we were able to render a special identity to the apartment.

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