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k min-the showIroom

Authors: arh.Ciprian Vlaicu, arh.Stefania Petre, arh.Simona Ionescu, arh.Alexandra Monoranu

Authors’ Comment

KMIN is a fresh and organic concept that was developed durring the site. The space and its location in a former factory helped us to decide on the structure of the industrial concept, being part of the organic urban regeneration phenomenon of the Bumbac Industry (Timpuri Noi, Bucharest) KMIN is the space where an architectural and advertising office has joined forces and works in a furniture showroom. The services that accommodate this space are part of a broad spectrum: architectural design, interior design, furniture production, furnishings and accessories, paints and ceramics, fabrics and lighting. All this in an event space dedicated to conferences, exhibitions and photographers. The proposed compartments aimed at achieving a natural illumination of the spaces but also a surprising visual communication between spaces. We relied on the generous and existing tram of the former industrial hall to create distinct areas with intermediate levels that accommodate all the related functions. Color accents are designed to mark areas of interest and direct users in the space.