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Law office fit-out
  • Nomination for the “Interior Design / Corporate office and Retail space Design” section

Law office fit-out

Authors: arh. Stefan Davidovici, arh. Camilla Guerritore, arh. Elisa Mori
REC, Bucharest / BIROARCHITETTI, Milano

Manageri de proiect: arh. Cristina Ivanescu, ing. Adrian Campeanu
Mobilier customizat: ProfiStil
Tapiterie: molcush

Authors’ Comment

The project is born from the wish of the client, the Bucharest branch of an important European law firm, to create a high-quality space with a strong but discreet identity that serves as an interface between it and its clients. As the elevator opens, the visitor finds himself in the middle of an open space with a spectacular view of Bucharest. The spine of the space is the deep grey-blue ‘Chinese Wall’. A structure that passes from vertical to horizontal elements in an elegant, continuous movement to change function from enclosure of the private meeting rooms to reception

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