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Interior redesign OLX Offices

Interior redesign OLX Offices

Authors: arh. int. Patricia Silvia Gheorghe, arh. int. Andrada Ulmeanu, des. Maria-Mădălina Movileanu, arh. int. Daniela Bază-Verde, arh. Marinela Nicolaev
Corporate Office Solutions

ing. George Popescu (Corporate Office Solutions SRL)
ing. Dona Ifrim (Corporate Office Solutions SRL)
ing. Florin Săndoiu (Corporate Office Solutions SRL)
Vlad Crețeanu

Beneficiar: Corporate Office Solutions

Authors’ Comment

Placed in a developing urban area, the design takes over the outdoor dynamics and subordinates it to the chosen architectural language that illustrates the OLX culture. The materials’ dialogue is tempered, although we’re talking about contrast of cold, industrial textures next to warm and natural ones. Therefore, the open ceiling with exposed ducts complemented by brick, concrete or peforated metal is perfectly balanced by furniture and claddings made of wood. The classic open space is divided into a series of partially delimited cluster. This allows combining the traditional workplace with flexible alternative spaces, that enhances both individual focused work and collaborative activity.

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