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Reception Refurbishment BBC

Reception Refurbishment BBC

Authors: arh. Irina Neculae, arh. Roxana Dima

Receptie: Techno Office
Banchete: Everart
Placare lemn: Amitel Impex
Vegetatie: Roberto Rossi, Suculent Urban

Authors’ Comment

The refurbishment of the existing reception area of the office building took place in the context in which the beneficiaries wanted to change the atmosphere of the access zone from a relatively dark space to a bright and welcoming area. To create the feeling of a warmth space, we have alternated in wall plating the warm decor of wooden print with green areas made from stabilized lichen plates. The entrance, a generous glazed area, was decorated with natural plants. Organic-style banquets, also green, also had the role of steering traffic and marking the waiting areas. Along with green, beige and white we used darker black accents.

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