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Interior redesign COS Offices

Interior redesign COS Offices

Authors: arh. Andrei Stefan Angelescu, arh. Laura Sabina Dragomir, arh. Marinela Nicolaev, arh. int. Daniela Bază-Verde, des. Maria-Mădălina Movileanu
Corporate Office Solutions

ing. Florin Săndoiu (Corporate Office Solutions SRL)
ing George Popescu (Corporate Office Solutions SRL)
ing. Dona Ifrim (Corporate Office Solutions SRL)
Vlad Crețeanu
Arthur Țințu

Beneficiar: Corporate Office Solutions

Authors’ Comment

The Workspace is configured following human centered design principles. The scale is essential in the sequencing and partitioning of the work, collaborative, welcoming, socializing and focus areas. These are configured in two distinct functional zones. The semi public area allows for partners to work together with employees in a flexible, nomad setting. The rest alternates areas for individual and interactive activities. The entire office space follows Biophilic Design directions. Through formal and functional queues the perception of the environment is controlled to change the typical working machine.

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