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Jeka Turism

Jeka Turism

Authors: arh. Ioana Corbu, arh. Amalia Enache, arh. Alexandra Andrei, arh. Dragos Puscasu
IC Studio

Instalatii: Thermoflux
Pardoseli: DecorFloor
Iluminat: Greentek

Beneficiar: Jeka Turism

Authors’ Comment

Jeka Turism's office space represents the first offline family business set-up. The image of the interior design reflects the visions of both generations of owners about sustainability, working atmosphere, openness to customers and the subtlety of branding usage. The result is a high-tech industrial space activated with sensors combined with stylish materials and textures. We have overseen the quality of the used technologies with the functionality of spaces: areas bounded by glass walls, gradient floors, acoustic ceilings and suggestive decorative elements.

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